Friday, March 2, 2012

135 Days - Friday Swim Workout - MONSTER SWIM

I had a goal this week to really push myself endurance wise in the pool. I completed an endurance workout on Monday and put in another one today. I wanted to get some serious volume(for me anyways) this week to build my base. I have been building slowly each week and wanted to jump to the next level this week. In another week or so I will start to focus on speed and really hammering my technique.

I was nervous for this workout. I knew going in that it would put me over 3000 yards. I am happy to report that I conquered my nerves and completed the workout. I will admit to feeling out of sync when I jumped out of the pool. I don't know if I had a case of vertigo or just slightly dehydrated, but I slipped getting out of the pool and had a slight problem walking straight. I came home, ate, rehydrated, and feel fine now, but it sure was a weird feeling.

Warm Up

100 free
100 kick with board and fins

Main Set: 50:27 total time

I am happy to report that I hit my negative split for every set even if it was just a few seconds. I checked my watch at the halfway point for each set and swam to ensure I beat the time during the second half. I don't know if I should check more frequently or not, but this is what I did today

3 x 400 - N/S, 3rd set pull with 30 sec RI

Set 1: 6:58
Set 2: 6:50 (happy with going faster during the second set)
Set 3(pull): 7:02

3 x 300

Set 1: 5:04
Set 2: 4:53
Set 3(pull): 5:12

**At this point I was tired. The rest time just flew by and I started to feel tired. I had to really focus on keeping my legs from dragging and keeping my strokes long and not to shorten them up.

3 x 200

Set 1: 3:11
Set 2: 3:15
Set 3(pull): 3:26

3 x 100
Set 1: 1:26
Set 2: 1:26
Set 3(pull): 1:39

I was not able to get in a cool down as I was over my time that I needed to leave the Y. I jumped out at this point and called it good. I was dead and not sure my arms could swim any more if I wanted. This was a huge mental hurdle. I came in and took care of business. This was more for my mental training than my physical training. I was very happy with this workout and look forward to making more improvements. I plan on doing at 30 minute swim test next week to see where I am after doing this test a few months back.

Total Time: 60 minutes
Total Yards: 3200 yards (biggest swim workout to date)

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