Friday, March 2, 2012

136 - Thursday Bike Ride

The data above is small because it serves no importance to anyone reading this blog. Yesterday(Thursday) I jumped on the bike to complete another Spinerval Workout #35 which is bike technique. This was not a high velocity work, but one in which I found very frustrating because I struggled with some of the drills. It was a good frustration because it let me know that I have some things to work on in my pedal stroke.

Here is a breakdown of the workout

I really struggle on staying still in the saddle during high cadence work. I am learning very slowly how to stay more still, but I still struggle. I struggle keeping high cadence for a long period of time. This is slowly building, but I have a long ways to go.

The single leg technique work made me furious because I sucked at it. I could not pedal smoothly for the life of me. I kept screwing this up no matter if I pedaled slow or fast. It was 10 minutes of anger and I was ready to unclip and chuck my bike. I need to find out how to improve on this and to find out what it means. Obviously, I have a glitch in my pedal technique. Despite the anger it was good to highlight my inefficiencies on the bike. Time to do some research into my flaws.

I have improved greatly in my transition to standing and sitting. This is slowly getting better the more I do it.

This workout was done in about 50 minutes. I was going to get another ride in that night, but I was too tired. I will ride tonight. I did not view this workout as a true workout, but rather time to get better to make my workouts better.
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