Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hodge Podge of Loose Ends

1. Here are the photos from our long 18 mile run yesterday at the Indiana Ave. Thanks John for posting these on your blog. 

indiana ave pic 2I 80 chicago des moines Amazing to see this many people rise early Saturday morning to run in 30 mph winds and the cold.

2. Yesterday we had family come over to watch the Duke - North Carolina game(was there even a game?). Prior to them coming I had about a 45 minute window to get in a short bike ride. I wanted to get a ride in to work out some lactic acid. Not sure if it helped or not, but I had a nice short ride. Pushed the cadence and gears a little with a slow recovery.

3. Woke up this morning with some very tired legs. I am surprisingly not sore, but my legs feel tired. I just need to wake them up a little. I have my big long ride to get in today as well as a swim clinic at Augustana and also basketball tonight at 8:00. This is a big day. I am going to have to be careful about how much I actually do. This is a critical day in my training in terms of getting my final ride in as this week ends my base building phase of my training. This is my biggest workout week in terms of mileage and distance. The training starts to slowly merge to more race specific training in terms of track workouts, race pace goals, etc. I need a good stretch as my lower legs feel tight.

4. If you don't have Spotify for your computer you are missing out. How I love listening to about any type of music I want for free. I have so many playlists. If you are on Spotify let me know and we can swap playlists!

5. Speaking of music I cannot get enough of listening to Counting Crows at home, Metallica in my car and praying that today I get all the tickets I requested to see Dave Matthews Band this summer in Noblesville.

6. Make it a great day. Last day of the weekend so enjoy every minute of it!

7. Last, but not least if you have not made a donation to the Live Uncommon Revolution which is working hard on many levels but most importantly to reward scholarships to students and provide money to several charities you can do this by clicking here and in the process help me reach my goal. I am trying to conjure up something that people can donate $ by me accomplishing things while in Jamaica. If you have any ideas, then please let me know.

Here are some current thoughts

1. Donate $XX of money per mile I swim in the ocean or run on the beach
2. Jump off certain cliffs like the one @ Rick's Cafe. This one makes me nervous.
3. Wear something strange on the beach...maybe Live Uncommon can make me a LU speedo(that would sure ruin the beach experience for people!)

Ok, that is all I have but if you have something good let me know. I am pretty up for anything that won't get me killed or cost me a ton of money:)
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