Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Does This Happen?

This morning I was loading up the kids, getting things around, turning off lights, etc.(all the basic things that happen in a 7 minute window in the morning). I always keep Ava in her highchair so she does not wander off to mysterious places. While loading up my school gear in my car I came back to Ava looking like disaster. Not only disaster, but she somehow placed some of her breakfast with pure precision on her nose. I think it was placed so accurately she did not even notice.

Nothing special to this post, but just had to share as it cracked me up. Crazy hair(it never does anything but stand up all over the place), breakfast all over her outfit(not sure one bite made it to her mouth), and one piece stuck ever so perfectly on her nose.

To be young and carefree again! She was just content that someone was smiling and looking at her. It is the simple things in life.

Is there something on my face?
Where did my breakfast go?
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