Monday, March 26, 2012

Training Totals as of 3/26/12 and Goals for the Week

I had my biggest week of training yet beating out my largest week back in January 2nd by .5 of a mile.

I finished the week with

97.44 miles on the bike(with biggest ride ever of 50 miles)
27.94 miles on the road(fell short two miles for my week goal)
4.66 miles in the pool

Week Total = 130.04(first time hitting the 130 mark)

Total Training Volume So Far.....1429.42 miles

I also lifted once this week which is something I have neglected for a long time.

This was a great week of training. I felt really good the entire time. I had moments of fatigue, but taught myself to fight through it all. I hope to have another good week of training this week.

My main goal for this week is my eating. Last week I came home from school tired and hungry and just ate complete crap for 20 minutes. This week will be a little easier to control the cravings as the food is not in our house. You cannot eat garbage if it is not in the house. Despite my big week of training I don't know if I shed any weight or not after binge snacking every single day. I have a good plan for this week and I know it will help.

I am also going to have to deal with training with allergies. I hit the wall this morning in the pool. I will need to find ways to overcome this little element.

Some things I learned from last week.
- Sunblock on the bike rides. I have some serious sunburn from my ride yesterday.
- Ride very slow by the parks on the bike path so I don't risk blasting little kids
- I am capable of riding my bike without socks. I had this mental hurdle where I thought I needed to wear socks. No socks will make my transition time so much more efficient.
- More nutrition on the bike. I need to find another place to place a water bottle.
-Bonk Bars are delicious
-Bring money for the Ice Cream Shop in Hampton

Here is to a great week of training. I hope you have some goals for yourself as well.

111 Days Remaining until 70.3 Racine
54 Days until Olympic Tri @ Bluff Creek, Iowa
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