Tuesday, March 27, 2012

110 Days Remaining - Windy Tuesday Run With CRAZIES

Started run off nice and easy around 8:40 pace and did our usual pick up knocking this down to 8:04 the second mile. We kept that pace for the next mile and then we dropped to 7:42, and 7:38. Mile 4-5 we were trying to find our way out of the neighborhood that we were running in. We took a wrong turn and spent more time in the neighborhood than we normally do. Mile 5 we ran 7:39, mile 6 in 7:16, and the last .43 of a mile was at 6:43 pace.This worked out well as that meant we did not have to tackle Tanglefoot hill to end the run which was a nice relief. It was a nice push at the end.

My legs were tired this morning. My quads are sore from the long run and bike ride this weekend. I am hoping that they rebound here soon. I was still able to run well this morning, but I could feel the fatigue in my muscles. I hope a bike ride tonight will shake out the fatigue and get me ready for the pool tomorrow.

My Garmin stopped at mile 5 this morning. I must have bumped the pause button. Thank goodness the rest of the crew all has watches to record data. I hope I can get these miles loaded into Strava so I can hit my 100 mile mark.

Last night I ordered my wetsuit. I have talked about ordering my wetsuit for what seems like forever. I finally made the plunge. I ordered the Vector Pro Fullsuit Wetsuit from XTERRA. I used the amazing discount code provided by Jeff Paul. You can check out his blog and the also use the discount code if you are looking for a wetsuit. Right now there is also free shipping. I was able to get a $600 wetsuit for a very cheap price of $240. I am excited. This purchase somehow makes things "final" for me in terms of mentally knowing that I am in this training for real. I know it sounds weird being that I have been training for months now, but for some weird reason having the wetsuit makes me feel official. Perhaps it is because I have never worn a wetsuit, let alone owned one. It should be interesting watching me get into the suit for the first time!

We ended up running 6.43 miles in 50:23 for a 7:50 mile pace. I look forward to continuing with a great week of training.

I did my weekly Tuesday weigh in and am glad to report that despite my after school snack binge every single day, I was able to drop 3 lbs. I am quite happy with this because I thought for sure I was going to gain again this week. This still puts me above my lowest weight of 205, but I have time to knock off the pounds. Ideally, I would like to shed about 1-2 lbs each week leading up to my Olympic Triathlon Race on May 20th. This would put me right at the weight I need for race time. If I just stay the course and keep the junk out of the house, then I know I will hit my mark. Training with a little extra weight does not hurt, but I want to slowly get my body ready to perform wellcome May 20th.

Thanks to Ben, Brian, Chad, Jen, Jane, and Katie for a great run this morning. It is always awesome to have such a great group to run with.

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