Sunday, April 1, 2012

105 Days Remaining - Sunday Night Ride Before Robotics

I actually did not feel too bad today after the long run and semi long ride(cut short due to flat tire). After getting things done around the house all day Amanda took the kids to her parents since she was heading to Clinton to meet some friends for dinner. I have Robotics tonight so the kids went to their grandparents which they are excited for because there are two new puppies roaming the house there.

When they left at 4 I quickly got around and headed out on my bike for a medium ride before practice. I was determined to have a good ride after the bummer ride yesterday.

I will post sometime tomorrow about my journey with trying to fix my front flat tire. Let me just say I was not smart enough to do and thank goodness for Healthy Habits.

Fast forward to the ride. I headed out the PV Junior High to tackle the Forest Grove hills. It was amazing how much better it was to pedal with inflated tires. At first my legs felt really tired. I knew they would be, but I wanted to try and work through it. I had the wind against me also. I just had to buckle down and try and establish a rhythm. I made decent out to the school. I had to stand up a few times to get up the hills, but I made it. I made it much faster than I anticipated.

I was debating my next move. I was not sure if my bad luck spell was over or not. I decided to head towards the road where I felt lost last time I road out to this area. I decided I would ride until I hit 13 miles and if I felt lost I would turn around. I was out in the middle of nowhere. Just me and the country. It was awesome!

I hit 13 miles, but decided to follow the road I was on and I soon hit a place that I recognized. I knew I was in a good place now. My bad luck had ended and I was on my way home. I hit Indiana Avenue and just cruised on back to Forest Grove. I turned down 56th street and the wind hit me like a ton of bricks. It was tough ride back out to the round about. I cruised on back home from there and called it a good ride. It was the perfect way to end this week of training. I missed out on some miles yesterday, but I think I will survive. I put in extra miles in my running so it all balances out.

You can also see that I was moving more efficiently as well. The hills help, but I felt so much better riding with two inflated tires. It really is the small things in life! My HR was much higher. I don't believe my HR has ever reached 191 on the bike before. I had some miles where I was cruising along pretty well for me.

Tomorrow I will share my stories of fixing a flat tire, trying to put on a wetsuit, and what I learned from this week of training. Thanks to everyone who has once again helped me each day during my training. It really makes it so great to have outstanding people around me.

Time to call it a night. Robotics practice is done and it is past my bedtime. Off to the pool in 8 hours.
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