Monday, April 2, 2012

104 Days Remaining - Swim Workout

I was tired this morning. I really pondered just sleeping in, but I knew I would regret it as soon as I did. I headed towards the Y and as I pulled in I realized I left my watch at home. I really needed to time these swims today so I took my iPhone and inserted it into the plastic bag that contained my workout and prayed nothing bad would happen.

The pool was busy today. Most of the lanes were full by 5:03. I found a lane, turned on the stopwatch and began. I was not sure how this workout was going to go.

Warm Up - 400 Mix
100 free, 100 kick, 200 pull

8 x 50 (25 rt, lt, 25 build)
I noticed during this set that my left side was so much more non fluid than my right. I have a hard time making the S shape in the water when I am pulling back. My legs were not smooth and I was kicking like crazy. I need to find out what is up with this problem. My right felt so much smoother and easier.

500 @ T Pace + :06 - I was not sure of my T-Pace for this distance. I used the data that I have and figured it to be 8:00 with a rest of more than 5 seconds. My barrier was 8:06. I felt really fresh on this swim, but still wanted to find a good pace that I could get used to while racing. I swam exactly 8:00 after being at 4:06 at the 250 mark. I know I could not hold this for more than another 100 without getting tired, but I see some improvements in my longer distance swimming.

2 x 250 @ T-Pace + :02 with 15 sec RI
Set 1 I hit 3:49 which was below my 4:00 T-Pace. I knew I was cranking, but it felt good. I knew it would come back to get me, but I just had that swim where it felt right to push.

Set 2 I hit 3:56 which is still below, but I felt much more relaxed and this seemed so much easier. Weird how 7 seconds can make such a difference in effort in the water

500 @ T-Pace + :05 with 15 sec RI
I was tired at this point. Instead of really pushing I wanted to focus on finding a pace that I felt I could maintain for a longer distance. I need to begin to understand my body in water and find those times and paces so when it comes race day I can sense when I need to slow down or pick it up. I went out much easier, but my time was 8:19. I was past my goal time, but I knew I could have swam at that rate for much, much longer. It was good to feel that pace and know I had more.

5 x 100 @ T-Pace with 15 sec RI

My time to hit was 1:36 or less
Set 1: 1:35
Set 2: 1:29(I was tired after this one)
Set 3: 1:32
Set 4: 1:31
Set 5: 1:28

I was tired after this workout. Legs were tired from the weekend and my arms were tired from the riding. I forget that sitting in the saddle takes a toll on the arms.

I finished with 100 kicks with the board to end a good Monday workout

2900 yards in 60 minutes.
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