Monday, April 30, 2012

76 Days - Swim While Tired

I struggled today.

I was tired. I pushed hard this weekend putting in a big 50 mile brick workout Saturday and running a half marathon along with a 25 mile bike ride Sunday left my legs and body tired.

I did not want to get out of bed today. However, I kept getting super hot while sleeping last night. I woke up about 3 times soaked in sweat and feeling about 115 degrees.

I made my way to the pool. I did not have my watch. I cannot remember where I put it so I had to do the workout without time. This was not a bad thing today.

I knew I had to get up and swim today. This week will be a goofy week as I leave Thursday morning super early to take 11 5th-8th graders to Florida for an international robotic competition. This is going to be a somewhat recovery week. I have not taken a day off since April 7th so I know I am in need of a day off or two. The plan is to get some quality workouts in Monday-Wednesday and then hope for the best the rest of the week with at least two days of rest for sure.

So, with that in mind I had to swim.

Here is the workout. Scary to think I only have a handful of swim workouts left before my May 20th race. Scary to think I may not get any open water swimming in before the race.

200 Free
100 Kick
200 Pull

4 x 150 Build with 20 RI
4 x 50 Kick with 15 RI
4 x 100 Build with 15 RI
4 x 75 Kick with 15 RI(I did no breaks, but did 100 with board, 100 on back, 100 with board)
4 x 200 Descending (I had to alternate these sets with a pull buoy as my legs were ready to cramp)

200 cool down free

3000 yards total

I must hydrate today. Not to provide TMI, but my pee this morning was copper. I need fluids majorly. I was glad to get this done. I put in some good times as I knocked this all out under 60 minutes.

My legs were fried. They are feeling better now, but they were tired this morning.
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