Sunday, April 29, 2012

77 Days Part 2: Afternoon Bike Ride To Wrap Up Big Week of Training

A quick ride. Ava fell asleep, the kids were playing with their friends, and Amanda was cooking to ease her mind. So.....I jumped on the bike and knocked out a quick 25 miles. My legs were tired, but I needed to get one more ride in to end the week.

My goal was to ride at a high cadence while in the big gear up front and 15 on back. I was able to get up towards 90 cadence for the second half of the ride when my legs finally loosened up.

Watched a few episodes of Entourage, but had to cut the viewing short when Addy walked in right during a scene that was not suitable for a 5 year old. I jumped off the bike in record time. I am talking Flash Gordon quickness because simply pausing would not have been enough. I was not ready to explain what I was watching.

Recovered with a glass of milk and my new favorite cookie - peanut butter cookie with crushed Butterfingers. Yeah boy, tell me that is nothing short of AWESOMESAUCE!!!

Off for dinner and then our final robotics practice before Florida.

Oh yeah, $15 closer to my new bike as I sold one item on Ebay. Only about $1985 more. Nothing to it!
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