Sunday, April 29, 2012

77 Days Remaining - QCDC !/2 Marathon Practice Run

Headed out to meet Chad and Katie this morning at Starbucks to head to Augustana College to run the QCDC half marathon course with the Cornbelt Running Club. There was a big group of easily over 50 people.

It was cold. I was freezing as I dressed in shorts and a LU jacket. I knew once I started moving I would warm up, but at first I was doubting the point of this run.

My legs felt good after the big brick workout yesterday. My body recovered very well. I was not sore and I did not feel tired. As we started out going pretty easy I soon realized my legs were more fatigued than they felt.

Thank goodness for great people to run with. Having Chad and Katie to run with kept me moving because I was weak mentally today with the weather and tired legs.

We ran the first 10-11 miles pretty easy and then Chad added a little Uhde Jet Fuel to his system and he was off. Katie adapted easily and I had to dig down a little bit to stay course. I refocused on my strides because when I get tired or try to pick up the pace I always want to lengthen my stride. I realigned my body and put my feet underneath me keeping my stride short and efficient. I was able to finish strong.

I felt great cardio wise. I never felt labored in breathing. I breathed "normal" the whole time. My legs were tired, but that is to be expected after yesterday. Going easy we still ran faster than our(Chad and I ) race times from last year. Chad is going to PR this course big time in two weeks. No doubt about it he is going to crush his time. I have not decided if I am going to run. I need to find out if it would be wise to run one week before my Olympic Distance Tri. I need to decide quickly.

Wrapped up the morning with some donuts for the family. Time to keep knocking off cleaning the house and hanging with the kids. A bike ride is still on the roster for workouts today as I did not get it in before the run. Just have to find time between everything.

Enjoy your Sunday!
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