Thursday, April 26, 2012

81 Days Remaining - BIG Swim Workout

I am behind on my posts and workout records. Wednesday I had to miss out on the Yasso 800's with Katie and Chad because this is my big week of training and more importantly my swimming. I had a big swim workout scheduled for today so I knew I did not need to get up at 3 am to run before this one.

Here is a breakdown of the swim workout. My shoulders were sore by the end of this session, but it felt good to push myself out of my comfort zone.

300 Free Warm Up (5:26 with 200 pull)
200 Kick Warm Up 5:08 (100 on back)

6 x75 (50 Build, 25 B-3)
1:07, 1:08, 1:10, 1:07, 1:06, 1:07

8 x50 DESC 2-2-2-2
I was really happy with this part because I was right on track without looking at my watch. I tried to go by feel and it worked.
:46, :47
:44, :45
:42, :42
:40, :41

4 x 75 Kick(1:27, 1:32, 1:34, 1:38)

2 Sets of 3 x 200 with 1 minute rest after the third set.

3:17, 3:14, 3:13

3:10, 3:13, 3:17

These six 200's worked me out. I tried to maintain the same pace and imagining myself swimming at this pace in my race. This would be a great pace for me to swim in the race coming up in a few weeks. I want to swim a good split, but still feel fresh for the bike and run

16 x 25 (Odd build, Even Fast)
:21, :18, :21, :19, :21, :18, :22, :18, :22, :18, :20, :18, :21, :18, :21, :17

Cool Down 200 Free and Back 4:20

I was going to ride Wednesday night being I was too tired Tuesday night. However, I fell asleep. I at some junk/garbage food after dinner thinking I would burn it off on the bike, but that did not happen so needless to say the weight management for race day is not going well this week. I will get on the bike today as I have no choice but to ride three days in a row now. I must GET IT DONE!

Total Swim Time: 58:33
Total Yards: 3450
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