Thursday, April 26, 2012

82 Days - 6B46 Run....Running Fast Bruce Wayne, Running Fast

This is my write up for my Tuesday workout. I am just getting time to upload.

What a day! Started off with a great run this morning. I really thought this was going to be a nice and easy run based on how we started. I was quite content with an easy run as my legs were tired and a little sore and we were trying out a new route as our regular loop is being torn up with construction. However, after mile 3 the pace picked up and there was no turning back. We were cruising by the end and it felt good. It was nice to have the pace really take off and have it still feel pretty moderate.

After getting to school and being quite busy with some students cramming the last minute details on our robot before we compete internationally my day was flying by. I had a brief break before my elementary kids arrived so I tried to chug down a protein shake as I am working hard to keep my protein levels high.

IMG_2781 Well, I did not get to enjoy this shake because I decided to flip the cup right on my lap. It looked like a super duper wet fart that had a big air bubble mixed in that just exploded. Here I am in my chair looking like I took a dump in my pants and trying to figure out what to do. I realized I had no paper towels and needed to quickly get to my car to head home. I flew down the hallway and to my car. I left the mess just sitting there. I got home changed and made my way back just in the nick of time for my students.

I needed to get a ride in, but that did not happen. After a busy evening with the kids and the ultimate homework tantrum put on by both my son and then me, it was time to call it a night. I porked out right before bed and went to sleep crabby with no bike ride and eating like a pig.

We all have days like this and I just hope I don't have anymore.

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