Friday, April 20, 2012

87 and 86 Days - Two Day Recap - 5K Race Coming up

Above our the results from our 6B46 run yesterday. I was swamped yesterday and did not have a chance to do a write up. There were nine of us(good number, but it seemed small compared to previous numbers). It was great to see Byrne and Curt after not seeing them in a while. This run was a perfect run. It felt nice and easy, but when I look at the times I can't help but be impressed by our progress as runners. To have these numbers and have it feel fairly easy is amazing. Chad and I were talking about how we cannot where we used to be not too long ago. It seems not that long ago that we were happy with times that were much slower than this and now here we are way ahead running good splits.

I needed to get a good ride in last night, but that did not happen. My right knee has started acting up again. It hurts off and on. I think there is something with riding on the trainer because since I jumped back on the trainer that is when the little hitch has flared up again. After the kids went to bed and we finally got Ava settled down(she was not happy last night) I decided to call it a night. I was exhausted, not feeling the greatest, and my knee was not feeling the best. I crashed. I was out before 9 pm. I really wanted to get the ride in last night to give my body a day of rest before the 5K, but it is what it is.

I woke up at 4:10 to ride the bike. I had another 26 mile ride on schedule. I decided to do the 3 x 5 mile workout making it a 4 x 5 mile workout because I thought that workout on Tuesday was tough both mentally and physically, but not exhausting. I jumped on a little after 4:30. My knee hurt like no other the first few miles. I considered jumping off, but told myself to get to mile 5. By mile 5 the pain left and I was good to go. I need to hit up Kaminski again and have them work their magic. Each set I tried to focus on something different - one working on cadence during the tough gears, cadence while in medium high gear, pushing during the gear I plan to ride race day, and then survival. I added a 1 mile cool down between each set. The last few miles I cranked the cadence above 90 on mile 25 when the legs were tired, then cranked all the gears and pushed hard for mile 26, with one mile cool down. It was a good ride. I am glad I decided to get it done because it was one of those mornings when the bed and open windows were just perfect. I could have laid there all morning.

I look forward to seeing many LU people tomorrow at the Race For Renewal 5K. This is my first road race of the year and only my second 5K ever. I heard there is a nasty little hill, but I hope to put in a good time. I need to read up on some strategy and run a good race. I don't really know what I can handle, but breaking 20 minutes would be AWESOMESAUCE!, but I am not going to focus on that so much, but just be part of an awesome group of LIVE UNCOMMON people.

Remember, you can help donate to the cause by giving some money to this fantastic cause that helps so many people and kids.

Click this link to donate whatever you would like to provide. I don't care if it is only a dollar. Every little bit helps all the charities I am racing for like Project Renewal and the many others coming up on the calendar.
Have a great Friday!
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