Wednesday, April 18, 2012

88 Days Remaining - 3:10 am Wake Up Call, Bike Ride, Swim Workout, and Great Nutrition Advice

Last night I did not get my bike ride in. My day was super busy. By 8:15 I was done. I knew I had no motivation to put in a good bike ride. I was tired. I started playing with the hours and decided I was better off to go to bed, wake up super early and get it done today. That is what I did!

At 3:10 am my alarm went off so I could get my 26 mile bike ride in before I my swim at 5 am. I woke up, filled up my water bottles, grabbed a Vega Endurance Bar and some GU Chomps and started riding at 3:30. I was not in any mood for Spinervals so I did the bike workout prescribed in my training. I needed to get in 3 x 5 miles at my Olympic Distance race pace. I honestly don't know what I can really pedal at in a race to come off the bike and be able to run fast. I chose to go by feel. I started the first set pretty mild around 22-23 mph for 5 miles. This felt good. The second set I picked it up by cranking the gears and going 24-25 mph. I was tired after this one so I took a one mile easy spin. The third set I cranked to the next gear shift and maintained 25 mph. I took another easy half mile and then picked it up for one more set(bonus set) and hovered around 26 mph. I took the last few miles somewhat easy and the last mile I cranked hard to finish a good ride. I knocked out the 26 miles in 1:09. I was happy with the ride.

 My legs recovered fairly well. I made sure to hydrate. I should have ate more, but I did not realize that until the swim. It was good to know because running takes more effort.

I headed to the pool and when I started I felt tired. I felt slow in the water.

Warm Up
100 Free
100 Kick with fins and board
100(one are RT/LT, free)
100 kick on my back with fins

200 Pull in 3:27
8 x 25 Build - :19,:20, :20, :20, :19, :20, :19, :19

4 x 300 Race Pace + :30 Swim Interval - I could not remember what my Race Pace time when swimming 300 so I went with 1:45 giving me 5:15 plus the :30 second rest it came out to 5:45. I decided to just take a 30 second rest after my time if I swam faster than 5:15 so I was not resting too long.

Set 1: 4:53
Set 2: 4:46
Set 3: 4:36
Set 4: 4:36

I was quite pleased with the progress because I did not feel like I was swimming faster/harder. I really put all my focus on stretching, rotating, and extending before pulling the water. I could feel the difference. It felt good. I could actually feel it for once. I was dead by the third set. I almost did a pull set, but I made myself toughen up and just swim. I am glad I did because it felt good to overcome the self doubt.

6 x 50 with 30 second rest with 1-5 seconds faster than race pace
:40, :40, :38, :38, :38, :38

I was gassed at this point. Flat out tired

300 Cool Down consisted of freestyle and pull for 200

Total Swim: 2600 yards
Total Swim Time: 44 minutes

I had to make sure to really eat a big breakfast to replenish my energy. My last post I talked nutrition and received some great advice from my mentor and friend Jeff Paul and another incredible athlete/coach Carson Christen(check his blog and training company that he works for). When I hear from these two examples of excellence I always listen. Jeff reminded me that it is okay to splurge once in while and offered some great healthy ideas that I need to try out. A trip to the store is in need. Carson always gives me great advice and ideas when he comments or emails. Every time I hear from them I treat it like a coaching session. Carson commented on increasing my protein intake for breakfast. He was right.I was neglecting that aspect. I increased my protein this morning and it really helped. Thanks to the both of you for your guidance. If only I could send some Happy Joe's to Colorado for Carson! And you can bet your bottom dollar I will soak all the knowledge I can from Jeff when we head to Bluff Creek Tri on May 20th.

A good day. Busy like no other, but I still feel good. I don't feel tired or worn out. I actually achieved more sleep by riding at 3 am instead of last night and waiting to calm down before being able to fall asleep. GETTING IT DONE! was in effect at 3 am. Sometimes you have to do what you need to do to get it done. Onward with the day!
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