Sunday, April 15, 2012

91 Days Remaining - Early Sunday Morning Bike Ride

Woke up at 5 am to get in my long bike ride. My training plan has me riding 43 miles with some cadence work at 40-60 at target HR and the rest just putting in the miles. I did not want to just ride. I did not want to ride in front of a movie. I need to get in some quality work when I am on the bike. I have to improve. No more to be said, but time to improve.

I put on Spinerval: Tough Love which is a 3 hour ride work that he says is equal to 4 hours on the bike outdoors. I need to build up to riding three hours and completing this workout. I pondered riding the whole workout this morning, but after hitting a wall about an hour into the workout I decided it would not be wise to push beyond what the training plan states. So, I rode until I hit 43 or finished the current workout when hitting this mile marker.

When I woke up I was not sore at all from the run. I figured my legs would be a little sore so I was surprised to not feel any pain in the legs. My feet were a different story. My left foot was killing me. It was hurting much of yesterday and was very tender this morning. The whole stretch from my big toe to small toe across that whole pad hurt. When I jumped on the bike the pain did not bother me except for a few times when my feet felt like they were going to cramp.

I started up on an empty stomach. I was trying something different to my fueling. In my night rides I have stomach pains while riding and having a hard time finding what works on the bike. This morning I jumped on without eating, but started eating while riding right away. I started to eat a Bonk Bar - peanut butter and jelly flavor - and it was delicious and helped out quite a bit. I made sure to consume liquid every 10-15 minutes to prepare for my race. I also had a Vega electrolyte drink mix as well as GU Chomps. I am happy to report my stomach was golden. No issues at all and I think I would be well prepared to handle a run.

I did sweat more than I have ever sweated before. I typically sweat like crazy, but this morning it was like a stream. I weighed in before the ride at 208.6. After the ride and consuming the following

IMG_2720- Three bottles of water(the big bottle, and two white ones)
-One bottle of the Vega Electrolyte Mix
-GU Chomps
-Bonk Bar

I weighed in after the ride and had dropped three pounds to 205.6. This tells me I need to make sure I fuel more and hydrate even more if possible. I don't want to lose that much weight prior to my run. I will work on adding one more solid food item to the next long ride. I will follow this same format, but just add one more element. I hope this works because I have been struggling to find something that works.

Here is a copy of the workout I completed. I still had about 40+ minutes left of the DVD left, but here is what I completed upon reaching my 43 miles. There are still about 3 sets of riding left on the DVD that I will eventually tackle when ready.

This was a hard workout. I was gassed at a little over an hour. The legs just fatigued. I am sure some of that was due to the run at race pace yesterday. I did not stand on the middle standing option during the 5 x 6 min set. My legs could not hold on so I just rode through the middle stand instead.

Here are my times. I did forget to hit the lap button a few times so things don't line up perfect, but good enough for me to follow.

The best part of this workout was how well my body has recovered from the ride. Typing this up I feel good. I feel ready for my swim clinic. Even better was that I finished as soon as Addy woke up. I did not miss out on family time. I look forward to hanging out with my little buddy Ava this morning watching some music videos and chit chatting. We hung out all day together while Amanda was shopping and Aiden was outside and Addy was in Addy world.

IMG_2719 IMG_2715

Check out those big feet. She is going to be out athlete along with Addy(I hope!)

Time for coffee and some protein before leaving to swim. Wish me luck on my wetsuit trial swim today.
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