Saturday, April 14, 2012

Picture of LU Early Morning Running Crew

Just wanted to update with a picture(thanks Jen) of the amazing group of runners this morning. This is motivation every Saturday morning to get up early to run. Each person is super AWESOME! with great information to share about life, running, and whatever else comes into mind while running.

Don't forget to note the sweet moped Jay came cruising on at about 25 mph this morning over speed bumps and all. His intro to the morning group is going to be hard to beat. I  still laughing visualizing big Jay bouncing over that speed bump and his infamous line, "This isn't even my good moped!"

Who is up to top the entrance next weekend?

And on a side note, Curt S. you were definitely smaller.

Like I said, you never know what will be said among a long run. For inquiries about the issues of Curt compared to Katie, you must seek them out!
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