Wednesday, April 11, 2012

95 Days Remaining - Late Night Ride, Amanda is Back, and Yasso 800's this morning

After the kids went to bed last night I made my way down to my trainer for a bike ride. It was weird as I was reading an article on training about putting in hard workouts and easy workouts and to avoid that middle area that most people train at. I decided to use one of my Spinerval workouts that I have neglected lately. I needed guidance. I needed a plan. Instead of riding just to get in my 24 miles, I tried this workout and focused on the workout and not the mileage.

I used the Spinerval 16.0 Aero Base Builder which is geared for more pre and post race reason, but after completing this workout I realized I need more work on my riding. I am struggling mentally on the bike right now. I have put together a more specified plan that will help me get on the right path.

I felt good cardio wise during this workout. My HR stayed pretty close to where I needed it to throughout. I did focus on the riding with the proper gears. There is a lot of high cadence with smaller gears. I struggle like crazy with high cadence so I find this workout very hard. My legs were tired and I felt tired by the end in my legs

When I finished I felt good. I felt like I accomplished something. Hopefully using these workouts will help me out on the road. I did go back and look at the last time I rode this workout. It was interesting to compare. Despite my thoughts on this post I know I pushed hard with bigger gears based on my mileage. I know I avoided the small chain rings up front and that was the difference in mileage. Despite lower miles last night, I know this workout was better.

2.28.12 -

Here is the workout I completed on the bike:

Here is my workout performance(I never used the small chain ring up front, I always used the middle one as the small chain ring was just too easy).

 The downside to a late night ride is that my sleep is less. I did not fall asleep until after 10 and at 4 am my alarm was going off. My legs were tired and mildly sore. I had to really generate some motivation to get going. I forced myself out the door for our Wednesday Yasso Workouts. This morning we had 6 x 800.

It was cold. I was not dressed properly. I think my brain froze running around this track.

We ran three laps to get loose. My goal was to hit 3:05 for all six.

The first one I was off running 3:12. The rest I was under and it felt good despite not trying to run under 3:05. I just could not get a feel for my body this morning.

Set 2: 2:58
Set 3: 2:59
Set 4: 2:58
Set 5: 2:59
Set 6: 2:57

I was tired by the last one. I ran two cool down laps afterwards that I did not record on my watch.

There were four of us this morning. Katie, Chad, and Curt were all there ready to make themselves better. Thank goodness for them because without them I would not have run this morning. With only two swim workouts this week I was able to come home and relax a little bit after this run.

The body will look forward to rest the rest of the day and getting ready for another 6B46 run tomorrow.

Last, Amanda was back on the treadmill. She has made a plan, created a binder, and is focused. I am excited for her. It was great to see her downstairs running while I rode the bike. She is awesome!
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