Tuesday, April 10, 2012

96 Days Remaining - Good Run with CRAZIES and minor Foot Pain

Woke up this morning not really sure how I would run today. Most days you wake up know right away. Today I had mixed feelings. I was ready to run after missing a long run this weekend. However, ever since my long ride and short run Sunday my left foot has been bothering me. It was a little tender all day yesterday and hurt from time to time when pushing off the wall swimming. This morning it felt a little tender, but I felt good enough to run. So I gave it a shot and ran pretty well. We ran a little more than our typical 6 miles, but it was a good run. This run felt easy to me today. That is always a great feeling. I started out easy and just gradually built each mile and really kicking it up the final few miles.

My foot did not hurt while running. Later today and especially after the run it was tender. This is where I struggle mentally. The place where it hurts is the same spot as where I had a stress fracture a few years back. It is also the same place where I went through some serious pain training for my first marathon last fall and the doctor eventually ruled out a stress fracture and said it was tendinitis. Tendinitis hurts. It is not fun. I have to watch it carefully to see if the pain leaves. I hope it does. The downside is that I was told to run through the pain because there is not much one can do for tendinitis. The catch to this is that if it is something along the lines of a stress fracture(the beginnings of one anyways), then I won't know until it is too late.

I also know my shoes are nearing 300 miles and this is always when my feet and knees start to bother me. I will be ordering another pair of shoes tonight. Lastly, walking around barefoot at the Wisconsin Dells all weekend does not help matters any either.

Enough of my pity party. I will monitor it,but just want to document more than anything to keep track of pain through certain phases of training so I can learn and adapt.

There were 10 of us this morning out running. We encountered a few decent hills. It was great connecting with the CRAZIES this morning as I missed them all this weekend while away. I look forward to another big group Thursday.

Today was also weigh in Tuesday. I am happy to report that my weight did not shift much at all. I was worried after the way I ate this weekend at the Dells. I went up a .5 lb which I don't worry about at all being as water and fluid intake can affect the body that much easy. I was quite happy. I still on the right path for getting down to my desired weight come race day. A little bit at a time. This was a big relief.
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