Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Recap and Goals for the Next Week

I have not reflected back on a week of training now in three weeks. This is something that I feel is very important to my training and the fact that I have simply not made time for it is not an excuse. I don't want to go back to three weeks ago because that won't do me any good. Looking back at last week I had a great week of training. I think that two days of rest the week prior really helped because I was close to having my body and mind just shut down. I was tired and exhausted and spendings two days in the Dells and not training was vital for me to jumping back on track. Nothing was lost, but everything was gained. I am terrible at rest and it is important that I have these life events to force me to chill out every few weeks. I have another life moment in two weeks when I leave for Florida to compete internationally with my Lego Robotics team. Until then I will grind it out like I did last week.

Here are my training totals from last week

94.65 miles on the bike(all indoor on the trainer)
31.62 miles on the road running(including half marathon race pace)
4.68 miles in the pool(taking one swim workout off and adding swim clinic)

This puts my training totals at the following totals since I started the first week of December 2011

1258.22 miles on the bike
444.04 miles on the road
70.36 miles in the water

Total mileage is 1772.62

Not too shabby for someone who just started out in biking and swimming in December. I realized this week how much more I have to learn. I need to continue to work on nutrition and hydration by fine tuning things on the bike. I need to begin to eat during my long runs to help my stomach learn to process foods. I need to see my weight start to drop soon. I am only 33 days away from my May 20th race at the Bluff Creek Tri. I want to be at 200 lbs. I have about 8 lbs to go. I have been tracking what I eat each day and snacking is my enemy. I need to make better snack options. I weigh in tomorrow so hopefully there will have been a small drop in weight from last week.

I hope to get in more quality bike workouts this week. I hate the trainer, but using the Spinerval DVD's help me and as much as I hate going through them I know the payoff will be worth it. I have Yasso 800's to get in this week but I will be cautious with those as my left foot is still a little sore from the shoes I ran in this weekend. The pad of my foot and my toes are still quite tender. Blisters are fine despite how nasty they looked. If the foot does not feel better after tomorrow I might have to chill on the sprints and hammer out a good swim workout instead.

Week Goals
-Snack better and healthier (try out the MyFitnessPal app and join me in tracking your food)
-Quality bike workouts - don't take the short road
-Stay calm and don't let the stress of life take over this week. It is a crazy week and added stress is not good for the body
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