Tuesday, April 17, 2012

89 Days Remaining - 6B46 and Delicious Dinner

Nice easy run today. My legs felt tired from the big weekend. I could tell the run and long bike ride this weekend finally caught up. I did not feel bad, but this body was not ready to push. It felt good to just run and not push it at the end. Taking it nice and easy and just conversing along the way was what this mind and body needed.

Despite the crazy day I had where I honestly never really had a break of more than a minute until 2:50 I am happy to report that I ate well all day. Eating my green beans from a can while administering tests to 3rd graders is the way to go!!

However, for dinner I fell apart.....darn Happy Joe's. Addy earned a small pizza for reading at her preschool. We devoured a large and then stopped for ice cream. Yeah, it can fall apart fast. I was so happy eating well all day. I was super excited to note that I lost a few pounds from my weigh in last week. Charting my food has helped. I am not stopping what I eat because I love food too much, but being able to see how a poor choice in eating like a blizzard really cramps the rest of the day in eating because you blow so many calories. Portion control is the other big one. I counted out what makes one serving of cereal and I just laughed. I need about 3.5 servings when I eat cereal. I am learning. I am not counting calories and being insane about it, but just making myself aware. For example, tonight I fell apart eating but it was so good that I don't care. The thing that I have to deal with now is that I am out of calories for the rest of the day.

Do I stress?, No.

I will get in my planned bike ride and be ride in line to hitting my nutrition needs. Yes, ice cream does not fuel the body nutritionally, but I get enough in to be okay. I will make changes in small increments. I would suggest charting your food for a few days. It is an eye opener to take into account all that you actually eat in a day.

Time to hang with the family and relax, let the pizza and ice cream settle before plopping down on the bike.

Oh yeah, those big old blisters I earned this weekend. Them bad boys keep filling up and I keep on popping. It is like a little feud between my feet and my fingers. I shall squeeze them on my way to victory.

No Yasso 800's tomorrow. I am opting to let this body recover by getting in my required swim workout. I will instead push hard at the 5K run this week and treat the race as my "sprint" workout. I don't run fast enough to count it as a "sprint" but I will sure try.
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