Monday, April 2, 2012

Wetsuit - HELP! How do you put this thing on?

Last week I ordered my wetsuit. I ordered a XTERRA wetsuit. I ordered the Vector Pro wetsuit and using the discount from Jeff Paul I could not pass up the steal this came out to be.

Now, I have never in my life worn a wetsuit. Ever.

IMG_2547Two days later my wetsuit arrived in the mail. I was excited. I was nervous because this makes everything real for me. Another cost to the training so I know I better get some use out of it to make worthwhile.

I opened up the package and saw my suit through the packaging. I knew that this was going to be interesting for sure. I laid it out and began to unwrap the suit and attempt to try it on. I knew this was a key moment because it was just me and Ava. Nobody to laugh at me as I made a fool of myself.


However, as I began to put this suit on Ava was looking at me like I was crazy. You can tell she is thinking that her dad is crazy. I was struggling to put this on. Perhaps I should have read up on how to put on a suit.

This bad boy is tight. I mean it literally is a second skin.

Without scaring you with other photos, let me just say I was not successful on my first attempt. I was barely able to get it up over my shoulders. I questioned the size and after sweating buckets I finally took it off and called it a day.


This weekend I gave it a new try. I contacted Jeff and he gave some very useful advice. I started again and was able to get it all the way on. Amanda had to help zip me up. I know these make you faster, but I question how in the world I am to swim in one of these? I am sure it will work out when I hit open water for the first time and give it a try, but right now I am not in agreement with scientific data.

More importantly, my transition time in T1 might be more than my swim time. It takes me forever to get this suit off. I might not make the cutoffs due to my transition time.

Like anything I am sure it will only get better, but this was another reminder of all the things I keep on learning about this sport. There is so much more than just running, swimming, and biking.

Here I am with it on. This reminded me that this year is going to be full of surprises and things to remember for a lifetime. I feel like the Venom and that I should have superpowers with this suit on.

First time in wetsuit
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