Thursday, May 31, 2012

45 Days - 6B46 In The Rain

Woke up early this morning to get the usual 6 mile run in.

It was cold outside only in the 50's. It was overcast and raining. Not pleasant weather to run. I headed to the Y and ran with Emily and Katharine. My legs were tired from the training volume this week so I was quite happy to know they were on the same page of taking it easy and getting in a solid run while battling the rain.

Despite having tired legs they did warm up and feel good towards the end. My shins felt fine. My left hip started giving me issues about mile 5. I may need to hit up Kaminski today and get adjusted.

It felt good to get this run done this morning. Otherwise it would not have happened. Thanks to Emily and Katharine for running with me this morning. We had some good conversation to pass the time.

I hope my legs can recover for the long run this weekend. Proper rest and nutrition should get me back on track.

Off to the pool........
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