Thursday, May 31, 2012

46 Days Part 2 - So I Broke Down And Went To The Track

Right before dinner I broke down and headed to the track. It just bothered me all day to not get the workout in. I hate the track. I really do. All aspects of it. However, I understand the benefits it provides and if I want to run faster, then I must do these workouts.

My legs were tired which is why I did not do the workout in the morning, but in the heat I warmed up pretty quickly.

Here was my workout in simple terms

4 x 100
4 x 200
4 x 400

Here is what I did

.75 mile warmup

4 x 100 @ :19, :20, :20, :21 (I jogged a 100 between each sprint)
400 recovery jog
4 x 200 @ :41, :41, :42, :42 (I jogged a 100 between each sprint)
400 recovery jog
4 x 400 @ 1:26, 1:23, 1:19, 1:18

New Lightweight ShoesYou can see my first 400 was slower than the rest. The reason being is that I never stopped running/jogging at all during the entire workout up until this point. I just sprinted, jogged the 100 and started again without stopping. I was tired by the first 400. After the first 400, I walked 100 and then started. This gave me better rest time as it is important to get in proper recovery between sets.

I also ran in my new lightweight running shoes. I finally broke down and tried these out. I hesitate to run in these lightweight shoes due to my size and risking injury. However, my tri shoes just don't feel right on the track. When doing the sprints they feel heavy. These shoes feel like slippers even in my size. I felt very lightweight and just floated along on the track. These will be my race shoes and my track workout shoes. I won't use them for anything else, but I really liked running in these shoes.

After I got home I was very sore on my left shin all the way up. I iced both legs off and on the rest of the night hoping that the pain goes away.

All in all I am glad I got this workout done.

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