Monday, May 21, 2012

55 Days Remaining - 8 Weeks To 70.3 Racine - SCARY!!!!!

I woke up tired from my first triathlon race yesterday. After battling the wide range of emotions, adrenaline, and four hour car drive I was exhausted. I crashed in bed with Addy as we snuggled watching some TV before bed. You can always count on Addy for some quality snuggle time if you need it.

This morning I woke up not feeling overly sore. My lower back was sore from the back spasms, but that was about it. I felt tired. My body was pushed yesterday and I could tell it was not as fresh as it was just a few days prior. I thought about skipping my workout today, but I could not fall asleep so I decided to go to the pool and GET IT DONE!

My goal was to do the workout, but not really worry about time. To be honest that last thing I wanted to do was get in the pool.

I started off with a 200 yard free warmup @ 3:35, then a 200 yard kick @ 4:12, and then 150 yard pull @ 2:41. I pulled up 50 yards short to talk with Jay a little bit about the race.

I then got into my workout

Set 1: 4 x 25 @ 100 yard target velocity - :21, :21, :22, :21
Set 2: 50 easy  @:51
Set 3: 4 x 50 @ 200 yard target velocity - :48, :44, :44, :46
Set 4: 50 yard easy @ :52
Set 5: 4 x 100 @ 500 yard target velocity - 1:39, 1:40, 1:38, 1:37,
Set 6: 100 easy @ 1:46
Set 7: 800 yard with paddles(I don't own paddles so I swam regular) @ 14:12

Cool down of 100 yard kick @ 2:01

Total yards:2350

My legs were dead. They were dragging like anchors. It did feel good to be moving and loosening up the body. Lots  of fluids today and time shift to my big race. As much as I feel good about my race yesterday it is time to move on and get ready for my big one. My training is going to be intense. 8 weeks of working harder than I have ever worked before. I know I can do it, but it is not going to be easy. Back to running tomorrow with some major increase in workouts and mileage.
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