Wednesday, May 9, 2012

67 Days Remaining - Yes, I am still alive...barely

I have not posted in a week. That might be the longest dry spell in my blogging history. I have a ton of things that I want to share, but just have not found the time to get it all down on my keyboard.

Scary to think that in 67 days I will be racing 70.3 miles.

Even scarier is that my first outdoor tri is next weekend. I am nervous.

My World Robotics Competition set me back big time in training. I gained 10 pounds and lost motivation, energy, and sleep.

I came home to a sick one year old. She is still sick today on her birthday. We have had some rough nights of sleeping to go along with how out of whack my body feels from the three days off in Florida. I feel like I am starting over.

I will get back on track. The posts are going to coming pouring in once I have five minutes to breathe after catching up from being gone from school, dealing with a sick child, and preparing for her birthday party.

I am back in training mode, but I have a long ways to go to get back on track.

Stressed? A little. I know it does me no good to be stressed so I am working on getting things under control.

Lots of change, lots of things to get done. It will happen. It will work out, but for now I have a screaming child to get to.........
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