Monday, May 14, 2012

Things to bring to Bluff Creek Olympic Triathlon

I have compiled my list of what I think I need for my race this weekend. For those of you who have raced before, am I forgetting anything?

Things to bring to Bluff Creek Triathlon

Saturday Preparations

ð        Sleeping Bag/Pillow

ð        Water Jug

ð        Snacks


ð        Waffles

ð        Peanut Butter

ð        Toaster

ð        Coffee


ð        Wetsuit

ð        Triglide or something for neck, ankles, wrists

ð        Tri shorts

ð        Tri top

ð        GU for 15 minutes before race

ð        Water for GU

ð        Goggles

ð        Swim Cap

ð        Towel


ð        Bike

ð        Helmet

ð        Sunglasses

ð        Bike Shoes

ð        GU Chomps(a necessary precaution, probably won't use)

ð        Bonk Breaker Bar

ð        2 GU (only need one, but taping two to the bike in case I drop one)

ð        GU Roctane Mix for Water Bottle #1 (need to go buy some more)

ð        Water Bottle #2 for Water

ð        Gum

ð        Flat Tire Kit

ð        Race belt(need to buy one)

ð        Garmin Watch


ð        Tri Shoes

ð        Lubricant for my feet(blister protection)

ð        GU pack

ð        Water at Transition for GU pack(perhaps Water Bottle #3)


ð        Xterra bag for wetsuit

ð        Xterra bag for all this stuff

ð        A few extra GU’s, bonk breaker bars, and water

ð        Change of clothes and sandals
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