Thursday, May 10, 2012

Training Before Robotics Competition - Days of May 1st - May 3rd

This post is going to be more for my own personal records. I need to get my training data recorded from last week before I left for Florida. I had a great stretch of workouts leading up to my trip to Florida. Lookingn back at the week it almost felt like a peak week. I hope this was not my peak week and I can get back to feeling this good. Here is a look back at last week.

Tuesday 6B46 Group run. We took things pretty easy and it felt good.

I jumped on the bike later in the day to shake out how I was feeling. Sometimes sweating things out helps get the body back on track.

My cool down set.

Getting back after it for another block of riding
Wednesday Swim Workout
3000 yards
2 x 150 Free Warm Up
100 Kick
50 Pull

4 sets of

2 x 25 catch up
2 x 25 UW Recovery( I switched with one arm swimming)
4 x 25 build

2 x 800 N/S, DESC - 13:09, 12:55
150 Cool Down

Thursday morning ride before Florida

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