Thursday, May 10, 2012

66 Days Part 2: Tough, Tough Bike Ride

Later in the day Ava fell asleep(she was way overdue). I decided that it would be a great time to get in my long bike ride of the week knowing my weekend is going to be jam packed with things to do and get done.

This ride was tough. I set up in front of my computer so I could watch a movie. I put in Avatar(yes, I have never seen this movie). I decided I would ride hard for 10 miles, stop to check on Ava and continue. This provided about a 30-45 second break.

My legs were tired. I kept pushing. I tried to keep high cadence while in the big gear up front and middle in the back. I did this for two sets and then moved to the hardest level to tax my legs. I just kept pushing even though my legs were dead.

I struggled mentally around mile 28. I wanted to quit, but I made myself keep going. It felt good to sweat. It felt good to challenge myself. It felt good to have my legs feel like jelly.

Here are my results

I think this might be the first time my AVG. HR has been this high. I completed this ride and felt light headed and my legs cramped like no other. I made sure to hydrate. I drank four bottles of water during the ride, but it was not enough. This is another day of cramping so I need to really get more fluids in my system.

I feel good about this ride. I am sore. My legs are fried. I can feel the soreness while walking up the stairs. I feel like this was my breakthrough training session for the week. I have eaten very healthy today. No slips or snacks. I feel back on track. I feel like I will be ready soon. I need to finish the rest of this week strong for my taper next week. I really hope to see a major decrease in my weight. GETTING IT DONE! was put to the test today. I am glad to report I passed.
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