Monday, June 25, 2012

20 Days Remaing - 4 Days of Destrying My Body and Now It is Inner Focus Time

I have returned, barely.

Four days off of training, normal lifestyle, and routine structure.

Four days of acting like I was in my 20's again.

Three nights of staying up until 4-5 am.

I have returned from dancing the night away all weekend with Dave Matthew Band.

I have returned with a body that has gained serious weight and probably a few setbacks in training.

More of the weekend to come later in another post.

This post is about GO Time. 20 Days until the day. 20 days of pure focus, streamlined thought process, and one thing on my plate - Racine 70.3.

I knew this weekend was coming. I had two great weeks of healthy living and eating leading up to the weekend. I dropped some serious weight and was feeling great. This weekend destroyed all things healthy, but I am okay with that because sometimes we just have to live life. I also knew today would return me to a state of mental toughness to keep me engaged on my goals for 20 days. There will be no let up.

This morning I woke up at 5 am after my first good night of sleep in a long time and headed to the pool. I really wanted to just sleep, but Amanda has call all week so I need to be home all day this week.

I decided to go with one of the swim workouts that would allow me to just get some long distance swimming in so I could refocus, find my groove, and get back on track. I only swam once last week after not finding time to get my other two swim workouts in. At first it felt like foreign territory, but I eventually got things going and it was great to be back training. I really enjoyed working out.

I did the following

100 free
100 pull
100 kick

2 x 900 yds with 60 sec rest @ 16:00 and 15:42
200 yard @ 3:27

400 pull @ 6:47
300 free @ 5:16

I then sat in the steam room and sauna for a total of 15 minutes to sweat out all the unhealthiness in my body. Today is all about eating super clean and healthy to retrain my body.

Total Swim Time: 52:39
Total Yards: 3000

Weigh in tomorrow and ideally not the smartest time to do so as this would be my 20 weigh in check. Last week I was almost to my lowest weight, but weighing in this morning I was at my heaviest ever since March. I am hoping that most of this is just water and salt weight. You live by your actions and I knew I did not make the best decisions when it came to food and calories this weekend.

Here is to my biggest training week ever. I missed three workouts last week that did not get me to my biggest training volume except on the bike. I need two quality weeks of all disciplines especially running. I must get in a long run to remind myself that I can run 13 miles. It is just a mental block I have that I must knock down. It will be knocked down this week. GETTING IT DONE has just bee kicked up a notch!
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