Wednesday, June 20, 2012

25 Days Remaining - How I HATE BIRDS,WIND, and WALLS with every ounce of my body!

Today I woke up early and had to force myself out of bed. My alarm went off and I fell back asleep which seems to a be a pattern this week. I finally got up ate my waffles and cup of coffee and headed out on my third and final bike ride of the week. It was another 36 miler, but I hit the roads before it became too warm. I took off on my usual route on Forest Grove to PV Junior High, out to McCausland and then back up Utica Ridge. It actually makes a perfect 36 mile loop for me. This ride started off great. I felt good, it was warm, but not hot and my legs did not feel too bad.

Then I realized that the wind was going to be my best friend and worst enemy ever. Check out the mile times. I bet you cannot guess when I had to turn around ride right into the 25 mph wind? There is the stretch there from miles 14 - 20 where I am riding over 25 mph on average and it was easy. I knew that I was going to have a nightmare in front of me.

I will be honest, I remember nothing of the easy part of this ride. When I turned to head home I literally hit a wall of wind. I could not pedal. It took all my might not to crash my bike. The wind was swaying me everywhere. To make matters worse I had hill after hill to climb and by the third one I was ready to quit. I was so defeated and ticked off. I really wanted an easy ride because I wanted to come home and get my long run it. I knew that at mile 25 I was not going to be running 14 miles today. I fought like mad the last 12 miles to make it home. I had to use up all my mental strength to make it home. I was not happy one single bit. It was the hardest ride ever and I hated every single minute of it. There was not enjoyment in this ride.

To add fuel to the fire I about crashed big time when a gust of wind hit me hard. I swayed big time right into the middle of the road and prayed no cars were coming. I heard a noise and assumed it was a car so I turn around........

and a redwing blackbird is literally eye level with me flying right at me and was about 6 feet away. I felt like I was in a Alfred Hitchcock movie. I turned around in TERROR and tried to pedal away but I could not go any faster. I got super low in my aero and that was when I felt the attack. The bird was going right at my back. It was insane! I bet it was around mile 26 when you can see my max HR up at 192. I won't lie, I was scared out of my mind having this bird attack my back.

I did survive and was so happy to be off my bike. I then quickly changed shoes, drank some pop and headed out on a run. My original plan was to do 14 miles, but I changed course and ran my 6 mile run instead.

I started off on this run feeling fantastic. I made one rule for myself and that was not too look at my watch one time. I wanted to run by feel to compare how I felt with my goals in my mind. Mile 1 felt so easy and relaxed. Mile 2 felt the same way. I sweating a ton and regretted not bringing water with me. Mile 3 I still felt good, but this mile did not go by quite so fast. Mile 4 was another story. About halfway through I hit a wall. My brain started to turn negative. My legs started feeling heavy. My HR felt like it was going insane. I started to doubt everything. I wanted to stop. I wanted to walk. I refused to do so. I fought like crazy to make it to mile 6. I know the course so I had to talk my way to each point. I really did not think I was going to make it. I felt like I was crawling the last mile. It was such a weird training day to go from the easy relaxed pace early on to completely hitting a wall. Perhaps it was the tough bike ride. Perhaps I did not fuel properly. Perhaps it was the heat as I have not ran in heat much at all. Perhaps I am just not ready to run 13 miles after a bike ride. I have not ran long in a few weeks. I don't know what it was, but it was the worse I have felt ever! I came home and had to get water and protein in me. I was slightly light headed and a little dizzy. I was a mess.

I did walk a cool down just to gauge my HR. It was dropping at a good rate so that was good to see.

I will be honest. I needed to hit that WALL. I hit is HARD. I have doubts about this 70.3. There was no way I would be finishing a half marathon today. I would have had to walk. I have some things to sort through and figure out in the next 25 days. I need to toughen up mentally. I need to modify my nutritional intake because today did not work. I need to get some more endurance type training runs in. I will get myself ready. However, today reminded me that I am not ready. I am close, but not there yet. I have less than a month to figure it out. I will be GETTING IT DONE!

For myself to note. My nutrition intake(this was not enough today)

20 ounces of water on the bike
4 GU Chomps at mile 20
1 Mountain Dew on bike and in transition
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