Tuesday, June 19, 2012

27 Days Remaining - Monday Swim, Cut The Other Workouts

Monday I woke up to get one my swim workouts completed. I had planned on swimming and doing a hill workout. I wanted to try hills to replace the track workout since the last two times I have completed a track workout I find myself hurt and injured. When I woke up Monday my lower legs from the calf down were very sore and not in a good. I decided to skip the running and just do the swim and give my body a little rest from the QC Tri and the 60 mile ride the next day.

I had a good workout in the pool. The pool was packed and I was really hoping to have a lane to myself, but I guess that is just being greedy.

Warm Up
100 Free
100 Kick
100 Pull

1000 yards with paddles. I had to stop after 10 laps when my wedding ring shot off my finger. I had to put the ring in my water bottle. The first 250 was done in 4:57. The next 750 completed in 15:17. I did stop one time during this to switch lanes.

100 Kick Recovery

4 x 100 with 30 sec rest @ 1:22, 1:23, 1:24, 1:25. I was whooped by the last one. My legs were shot and I was breathing heavy.

100 Kick

4 x 50 with 30 sec rest @ :40, :39, :38, :37

100 Pull

4 x 25 with 15 sec rest @ :19, :17, :18, :17

Recovery/Cool Down

100 Kick on Back

200 free @3:15

300 pull @5:13

Total Swim Time: 51:09
Total Yards: 2900

This was a good workout. I was spent by the end. Rest the rest of the day to let the body get back on track. This of course messes with my training knowing I have only until Thursday morning. Listening to the body is more important than listening to a training plan.
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