Tuesday, June 19, 2012

26 Days Remaining - 6B46 Run

Headed out for a run with Jen, Emily, and Ben this morning. There was a large group this morning headed to the track for a workout, but I enjoy my 6 mile run and don't really have any desire to do the track workout.

I woke up at 4:56. Actually my alarm went off around 4:15 so I could get two miles in before, but I fell back asleep and woke up in a panic. I dressed and flew to the Y making it there by 5:02.

I headed out and my legs felt tired. I wanted to swim, bike, and run today. My plan for today was to run about 8 miles and then do some hills, but after waking up late and having tired legs I am adjusting that also. I know where I was last week with pain and injury and how that hurt me mentally and don't want to go back down that path with only 26 days until Racine.

I was able to maintain our regular pace, but it was harder to maintain than usual. I got in a good workout this morning. I won't run anymore today giving my legs a break from the run. I opted to move my swim back will swim tomorrow and Thursday. I do have to get in a bike ride today of 38 miles. I might have to ride this on the trainer with the schedule we have today.

I did weigh in today and have continue my quest to be in shape and a good weight for my race. I have dropped a few more pounds. I have to remind myself that I did not eat my waffles this morning as I normally do so the data might be off a pound or two, but I will take the progress. Yes, I am still Clydesdale material, but getting closer to being removed from this category. I am still eating a lot of food, but just not AS MUCH junk. I am not eating perfect, but it has improved.

If I can walk away from this weekend without too much weight gain I will be a happy man and be down to 200 for Racine ready to rock the race.

Now, off for my waffles, Dave Matthews music, and figuring out a schedule to get in two bike rides, two runs, and two swims in by Thursday morning.
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