Friday, June 15, 2012

30 Days Remaining - Recovery Week Wrap Up, QC Tri, and 70.3 Around the Corner

This week I have lost my training mojo. Flat out gone. All week.

It stemmed from my foot pain over the weekend and my pity party for myself.

I then improved after seeing Dr. Lake Tuesday. I did have a good run Wednesday, but motivation has still been missing.

This week has been a recovery week for me which has been nice for my body to heal as I feel like it is ready to collapse and fall apart. Knowing I have three BIG weeks of training coming up I know my body needed time to recover.

Yesterday I ran at 5 am with the CRAZIES. It was a nice run with a few of us. It was the perfect morning. This was my third day of running as I wanted to make sure I got my running in as this has been the one aspect of my training that has really been struggling as of late. I just have not felt efficient and my hip and foot always hurts during the run. I felt pretty good during this run. It was nice to hear Jen talk about her tri thoughts. We had Josiah join us which was a nice surprise.

We kept the run steady and easy which was nice.

I needed to ride my long recovery ride Thursday, but I was not able to get it done. Between Lego Robotics Camp, Amanda tutoring sessions, and me meeting different people for Dave Matthews Tickets I could not find the time to knock out the 30 miles.

This morning I got up and rode. I decided to forgo my swim workout and get the bike ride done as I have only rode once this week. I needed one more ride. My legs felt like crap. They were flat and not really in the mood to ride. I kept the ride easy as I have the QC Tri tomorrow.

After my ride I headed to Dr. Walden to have him work on my body some more. He really worked me out spending about 30 minutes prepping me for the race. He worked my hip and my foot to get me ready. My hip is tender, but everything seems ready to rock and roll.

I need to get my mind in focus for the race tomorrow. For some reason I am just not feeling it. I am hoping that grabbing my packet tonight gets me in gear. Not sure what my deal is. I know I am very excited to head to Dave Matthews concerts next weekend. Perhaps a weekend of acting like I am 21 again and realizing I am not 21 will be enough to make me feel gross and ready to get back in the groove of training. Scary to think in 30 days I have 70.3 miles to tackle.

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