Wednesday, June 13, 2012

32 Days Remaining - Wednesday Morning Solo Run

I could not get out of bed this morning. It just felt too good to lay in bed. I did not get up until 6 am. Around 7 I decided to get my run in. I need to get a run and 30 mile bike ride in, but since I slept in I will probably ride tomorrow as I don't have much time today.

I had a 7 mile run to get in as this will be my long run of my recovery week. After missing out on my 13 mile run last week due to foot pain I knew I needed to get this in.

I have not ran by myself in quite sometime. This morning was beautiful and perfect. I ran all along 53rd to the roundabout and then to the Y to Crow Creek back to my house.

I felt good for once. I have not felt good on a run or really any training as of late so it was nice to have something feel easy and effortless and enjoyable for once. I have been losing focus, becoming frustrated with not training well and feeling injured. This was needed today.

My foot had some tenderness, but it was the best it has felt in a long time. My hip was not noticeable at all until a few hill climbs, but nothing in terms of discomfort, just feeling the presence.

Now after the run my body feels sore and beat up, but for this hour run I felt good. I even did a cool down walk which I never do.

I was right where I wanted to be. I was to run at least 4 miles at marathon pace which for me is currently 7:54. I was about 10 seconds under this pace for most of the run, but when I went slower it did not feel right. This was a good mental boost for me.

Now I am off to another busy day. Enjoy!
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