Wednesday, June 13, 2012

33 Days - Recovery Week, Tuesday Workouts, Run in Pain, Draft with Toes, and Terrible Bike Course

Yesterday I had a good day of training. I know my post title sounds negative, but overall it was good. It felt good to be back doing my training again after some days of rest and pain.

I was up at 5 am ready to run with the CRAZIES. There were only four of us - Chad, Emily, Jane, and myself. Some ran over to the track for a workout so there were others out working hard like Dave, Katharine, Phil, and others.

We took off on the usual loop. I was concerned with my foot pain. I went to Kaminski the day before and Dr. Lake worked me like crazy. I have never felt pain like that before. It helped with the pain, but the pain/soreness was still there. The good thing was it was not as bad. I was able to run.

As we rain my pain started to go away, but my left hip flared up again big time. I have had this hip issue for the past two weeks when running. I don't feel it at all while biking or swimming, but when I run it kicks in. The pain in my hip eliminated all thoughts of foot pain. I was able to run through it, but it was not comfortable.

We started easy and picked up the pace. Overall, my pace time was dead on where I should be running at my marathon pace of 7:54. I stretched after the run and then headed to the pool with Chad to get in another short swim.

100 Free
100 Pull
100 Kick

3 x 350
Set 1: On my own
Set 2: Chad drafted off of me so I could get used to having my feet touched(gross!!!). It is amazing how hard it is to swim with someone using your draft. This was a good workout
Set 3: I drafted off Chad this time working on staying in the draft zone. How amazing how this makes the swim so easy. I finished without even breathing hard. I really need to use the draft in my races. This was a good wake up call for me.

Kick Cool Down 100 yd

Total Yards: 1450

After my swim I came home and ate some breakfast and drank water since all I had was coffee.

I weighed in and was very happy to see the pounds go down since last week when I committed to getting back into race shape. I had allowed my weight to go back up to a number too high. I ate healthy all week. I did splurge a little through the weekend, but nothing major. I hope to keep this fitness in check leading up to Racine. I think the added weight does not help with the injuries I have been dealing with nor the unhealthy food.

Late morning I jumped on my bike for an easy 18 mile ride. I decided to hit up the bike path for something different. I will never ride on the bike path again. What a pain! I had to constantly stop for either people, dogs, or streets. I never was able to get into a good flow while riding. The only positive was working on my steering while on the bike. I need my country roads.

It was a good of training. This week and next week are crazy busy with Robotics camp and other things going on so it is not as easy to get things done. Today was good to get all three in. I am hoping my body continues to feel better to prep for the race this weekend.
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