Friday, June 8, 2012

37 Days Remaining - Open Water Swim & Solo Parent Weekend Begins

Headed out to Lake G this morning at 7:00 am for some open water swimming. It was a perfect morning to get some swim work done. Met up with Tritt and we each had our own little workout planned. The sun was bright and when you swam and had to breathe with the sun in your face it messed up my breathing. Not sure why, but it did. The water was pretty clear and with the heat rising the plants are starting to grow and several times I was smacked in the face a plant. I hope it dies off because I like how clean this water is on the surface.

IMG_3221My plan this morning was to get in around 3000 yards of swimming with one long swim. I tried to gauge my swim based on previous swim times. My long swim I needed to go for about 30 minutes or one mile, but I came up a tad short. Not a big deal as still reached my 3000 yards. Now that I have marked the lake a few times with my HydroTracker I should be set with now getting dialed in the distances that I need. I swam a few new lengths to test out new swim patterns. I have a 250 yard swim and a 200 yard swim dialed in for some repeats coming up in the next few weeks.

It was a great morning for a swim. I find it so relaxing and peaceful. I hope to find the open waters nice and relaxing when I race! I feel much more comfortable in the open water and I don't think having all the people around will bother me like it did at Bluff Creek. The key for me is to keep my heart-rate and breathing under control. Perhaps some warm up runs and such to get the body primed will help with this problem.

IMG_3220Well, the rest of the weekend shall be interesting without much training until Sunday night when Amanda returns. She has her girl weekend in Chicago and she is off and running this morning. I look forward to hanging with the kids all weekend. We have a busy weekend planned with the Race For The Cure, gymnastics, and sanding of the deck. It shall be intriguing to see what happens.

Below are my swims, but not in correct order. The first one was my last swim of the day. I wanted to test my 600 yd swim for the QC Tri. I was under 10 minutes which I am happy with. I don't know if I can swim much faster without wearing myself out completely, but I think swimming around 9:00 will be ideal for me. We will see as I am not quite primed for this tri next weekend. It just seems like a burden in my training.

This one was my second swim and for some reason I thought I swam much farther than this. Looking back at it I don't know why when I know that the lake is about 900 yards around so I was confused while in the water. Next time I will swim two loops around the lake - DUH!!

Total Yards - 3001.97
Total Swim Time: 48:42
Have a great Friday!
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