Saturday, June 2, 2012

43 Days Remaining - 4:30 AM Run...7 PEOPLE!!!

We might have had a record this morning for the biggest group to start at 4:30 am. I will admit I was tired. My body is tired and feeling the effects of a big week of training. I had little motivation. However, when I showed up at Crow Creek, saw Jen P. ready to rock, and then the trickling of more vehicles I was ready to go. 7 people is a good number so early in the morning.

My body was tired from training and a long day of being on my feet cleaning and prepping for the delayed birthday party for Ava yesterday.

I started out with the group and my my mind and body were just not quite ready to be pushed. My two waffles and coffee were not enough this morning to get me going.

We made it all the way out to Wells Ferry Road. I struggled up the hills and the run out to this point. My body felt like crap the whole time. However, once we turned around I started to feel much better and you can see from my times that they dropped quite a bit from the start.

We made the first loop in 80 minutes of running and getting in 9.75 miles. The last few miles my left hip started to bother me. It was bothering me the other day after running on the track. I thought about not finishing my planned run, but a little stretching and water seemed to help it out.

At 6 we met up with more people to run - Ben, Phil, and Josiah. John B. and Chad had to leave after the first loop, but the rest of us - Jen, John O., Jay, Rick, and myself headed back out. I had to get in a few more miles. We headed the other direction where no hills existed(Thank God!!!). My legs felt tired, but I was still moving pretty good at a pace that was faster than what I thought. My hip was okay until mile 11.5 at the turnaround. It hurt the run in and it felt good to be done with the run.

I still ran a good time considering not feeling up to speed. This is the second long run in a row that I have just not felt it. I don't know if it is just the timing of the week with all the training prior that leaves me feeling "blah" or if it is just a mindset that I need to get over.

Coming home, everyone was still asleep. I made some oatmeal and coffee and here I am in the nerd cave typing up this post, listening to the latest Dave Matthews Band concert from the other night and looking forward to being with friends and family today for the birthday party. I also completely took over Strava and made about 15 segments for riding. And last, but not least, nerded around with Google Earth. I love checking out the runs and rides on Google Earth. It is amazing how much land we cover.

There is the Torchlight Parade tonight and I have a big ride scheduled for tomorrow. It is 54 miles and I have never rode that far before. We will see how the body feels.

Looking ahead to next week I am trying to figure out the best plan to getting all my training in. Amanda leaves for the weekend so Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are all lost in terms of leaving the house for training so no swims, runs, or outside rides. My runs and swims will have to be done by Thursday and I guess the bike will have to go on the trainer for the first time. Next week shall be interesting to see how I fit everything in as it is another big(ger) week of training before a recovery week the following week.

Enjoy your weekend. Take time to appreciate all you have. So many things have been happening to good people lately that it really makes me stop to appreciate what I have and how good things really are despite feeling like things could be better. I have my health, my family, and good friends. I have a job and I love what I do so don't forget to really appreciate what you have. For those of you dealing with all the obstacles in your life, you will make it through no matter what. Whether you are dealing with stress, injury, life threatening issues, etc., you can do it.
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