Monday, June 4, 2012

41 Days Remaining - Stripping Paint on Rest Day and Swim Today

41 Days......

That is all that remains until my race. That is not much time. I still have some serious training to get in before the start.

Yesterday I was to ride 50+ miles but I opted not to do so after having some hip pain during my run Saturday and again Sunday morning. It bothered me to not get the bike ride in, but I am not good at resting and recovery and I knew my body was telling me to chill out.

IMG_3169 Yesterday I started sanding one of my two decks  since I had time. I was able to get about half the deck sanded by 7 pm last night after going through some setbacks. One being that the sanding discs did not stay on and kept shooting off. One shot off and snagged my leg. It hurt like something fierce. After about 4-5 hours of sanding my back and knees were shot. I could barely walk. Probably not the best thing for my hip, but I did not feel any pain. The hip just needed time to not move.

IMG_3175 I still ended up with a great week of training despite not getting in one long bike ride. I am quite pleased with my progress. I will tally everything up later as I have not crunched my total training in a few weeks and I need to do so.

This morning I had planned on swimming at 5 and then jump on the bike around 6:30 for a 60 mile ride. I was able to get the swim done, but when I came home it started to rain. I am happy I did not suck it up and ride because it has rained all morning despite the forecast calling for little rain. I can only imagine how times I would crash on wet pavement.

Here is my workout I completed in the pool this morning. It was a good workout and a good start to my day.

100 Free @ 1:46
100 Pull @ 1:51
100 Kick @ 1:58
100 Free @ 1:39
100 Pull @ 1:41

Main Set
1000 yds with paddles @ 17:48
100 Kick @ 1:51

4 x 100 with 30 sec rest @ 1:30, 1:27, 1:25, 1:22
100 Kick @ 1:51

4 x 50 with 30 sec rest @ :38, :38, :37, :38
100 Pull @ 1:45

4 x 25 with 15 sec rest @ :18, :18, :18, :19
100 Kick @ 1:53

Uhde Gasp(I don't know what you actually call it, but this is when you swim underwater 25 yards and then swim back. I wore fins and about died)
50 @ :37, :36

50 kick @ :57
100 free @ 1:38

Total Time: 47:31
Total Yards: 2850

This was a good workout. My right shoulder was tight. It felt like a tendon was catching on each stroke. My hip was sore this morning, but I had zero pain while swimming and it feels good afterwards. I hope to get my ride in later this afternoon when the rain clears.

After my swim I headed back to bed until the kids woke up. It felt good to get another hour of sleep.

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