Saturday, July 14, 2012

1 Day Remains

Just wanted to give a final post before my race tomorrow. I am not sure I will be posting anything else on the blog until the race is complete.

I am up early and ready to go. Decided to let the family sleep until 7 and then it will be rush time to get them to their grandparents and then up to Racine. It feels like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done, but I know there is.

I was restless sleeping again last night, but don't feel as tired as the previous mornings.

After spending 2 hours waiting for my van's flat tire to be fixed yesterday I really pray that is not an omen of things to come Sunday. I can't worry about these type of elements as they are out of my control, but it is hard to eliminate them from my thoughts.

I believe I have everything I need to race.

I read an amazing article yesterday that helped me to think about key things in the race. The article discusses how it is time to forget fitness. All the fitness in the world means nothing if you cannot race properly. It talked about racing "in the box". I have heard this before, but basically focus on the now. Leave goals and expectations behind and just focus on the now. By focusing on the now you have to be able to make decisions that will set yourself up for being able to handle the key parts of a race. These parts can be hills, winds, etc. The most important is the last 1/3 of the run. You have to be able to know how to manage your output in a way that you can finish strong. You don't want to hold back the entire time, but if you push too hard on a hill or hills or try to really go above your limitations, your run is going to hit a wall and valuable time will be lost.

I was thinking this morning it would be interesting to find a way to record my thoughts through this race. I know there will be ups and downs. I have to talk my way out of the downs and keep myself riding the ups as long as possible. I am not sure what my mantra will be that will help me, but right now I am thinking it is "Take It In The Face!" which was a key phrase from a stand up comedian we watched the other night on Netflix. This always makes me laugh. I am sure some stupid song will get stuck in my head, but if it works, then I will take it.

Time to wrap up my final check of materials and then time to round the family up. I will hopefully be posting pictures and video throughout the day that will go through my Instagram(coffeechug), Flickr(coffeechug), Facebook, and Twitter(coffeechugbooks) so you can follow on any of these.

GETTING IT DONE! will meet the ultimate test in about 24 hours. It is time to see how the 3000 miles of training this year in 2012 has paid off.
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