Tuesday, July 24, 2012

6B46 - Return of the Early Morning Run

I was up at 4:30 to get ready for what was my typical running time of 5 am. I have not ran at 5 am in a few weeks with the taper and the race and recovery.

It felt good to be up and ready to go.

My quads and leg were pretty sore and tight from the swim and bike ride yesterday.

Before the run I drank coconut water and a cup of coffee to wake the body up and to prep it with electrolytes. I am just trying out some new things to see what I like and more importantly what my body likes.

The last thing I did was weigh myself before running. I have been reading about sweat rates and how that can affect performance and nutrition. I weighed in at 211.6 lbs

I headed to the Y and Emily was the other only one up and ready. Phil was there but he headed to the track to get his Usain Bolt on.

My goal today was just to run 6 solid miles. No speed times. No worry about pace. Just stay on my feet for six miles moving forward.

I felt alright at first. My legs were tired and took some time to shake loose. Emily was still adjusting from her work trip to China so it was perfect that we were both on the same page.

As you can see from the times we were able to gradually pick up the pace. I actually feel much better running faster than running slower. I find running slower that my hips start to hurt. I like the quicker pace(I know 8:15 is not a fast pace, but it is all I got).

This was a good run. Thanks to Emily for showing up to give me someone to talk to and run with. It was humid - 70% and about 82 degrees out. This was a big run for me mentally. I really believe I can begin to build off this run and slowly get back to where I want to be.

I came home and weighed in post run at 207.4. That is a 4 lb loss. I must take into account that I had my shorts on for the pre weigh in so that probably added a lb so a 3lb loss is still pretty big considering I only ran for about 52 minutes. I need to go back and read about how to adapt my hydration and nutrition with this type of sweat rate. I will continue to chart my sweat rate to begin to put the pieces together.

This week of training is off to a great start. Run on Sunday, swim and bike yesterday, and a good run this morning.

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