Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday Bike Ride After Swim

Yesterday I jumped on my bike for a 45 mile ride. I tried to ride at an aerobic pace to work on my body using fat as fuel. I think I was above the aerobic pace, but to be honest this ride felt nice and easy.

I rode on my trainer as Ava was sleeping and I was home with the kids. I watched the movie the Fighter. What a great movie. I was getting all sorts of motivated riding.

I started to record my data in a notebook charting my water consumption, when and what I eat, sweat rate for workouts, and stressed in my life that day. I am hoping to find some key connections when I have good days and bad days.

I tore up the water yesterday drinking over 120 ounces. The crazy thing is that I still felt thirsty all day. I hope to get my hydration back on track. I did buy a big jug to fill with water each day like I used to have. I also limited my coffee to about 3-4 cups and also did not really have any dairy except some cheese on my tacos. Just trying to find out what could help me get back on track and possibly feel even better than I have.

Half Ironman training is back. I will see how I feel at the endof this week and make a decision about my next race. I have a lot of decisions to make.
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