Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Morning Aerobic Endurance Workout

This is one of the last few mornings I have left before school starts that will allow me to get some big swims in the pool. My training has me doing some long swims in this block of training. Today was another big swim workout. I know many would probably die of boredom doing the workout I did today, but I really enjoyed this workout. I think because I can turn my brain off and just swim. With some crazy stresses in my life right now this workout was needed.

200 Free @ 3:43
200 Pull @ 3:40
200 Kick @3:57

Main Set
2000 free @ 36:24 - This was a big swim for me in terms of mentally planning. I am looking at another 70.3 distance race and there is a good chance it will not be wetsuit legal. I know I am much slower without the wetsuit, but seeing this time I know that I can swim the 1.2 mile distance in under 40 without a wetsuit.

1200 paddle set @ 20:57 - My shoulders were tired with this set. I lost major focus as the lifeguards were trying to scoop something out of the water so I lost count of my laps so many times. This set took a bit longer mentally, but I got through it and was glad I held my ground and finished.

Cool Down
200 kick @3:39

Total Yards: 4000 yards
Total Time: 72:21

I will be switching things up next week with swimming going back to more speed work and possibly drills(despite the fact I hate drills). I will have to back my swims back down to an hour total with swim and rest times. The real world is returning with going back to teaching.

This weekend I still have a 13 mile run and 66 mile bike ride. I will be heading back to Indiana to visit my parents so it shall be interesting to get these things done. I am in a crucial training block right now with my potential race being 16 days away. I did not get in a long bike ride last week with the Bix race so getting this long ride in is important to me as tapering will be happening in about one more week.

On another note, I have just received a new endurance book by Dr. Maffetone. I really look forward to studying his method and see if I can better fine tune my training. It is a process. I do some things well and I know I have many improvements to make. During my long run this weekend I will be practicing my nutrition and hydration methods. If you have a system that you use during the run I would love to hear about it. It seems like everyone has their own method that they use, but it is always good to hear what others do. My plan will be to take a Hammer HEED before, Hammer Perpetuem and water at each mile alternating to see how it goes. My goal will be to take in no more than 300 calories per hour and no less than 200. I will see how it goes. Right now this is my biggest weakness as I never take in nutrition on my training runs. It is time to practice.

Have a great Friday and weekend.
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