Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Moving To Middle Lego Challenge #1: Eye Slide

Before school starts my middle school offers a one week crash course for the soon to be 6th graders. This class allows them to get comfortable with the building, lockers, classes, etc. before 1000+ kids come rushing the halls in about a week.

In my small group I give one student each day a pack of Lego pieces to take home. Their job is to create something cool. My only rule is that they have to use all the pieces. I don't care how they use the pieces as that is the only rule.

These kids are still embarrassed to stand out so working with them to challenge themselves and use their brains. They will continue to get better and I plan on doing this during the school year with any student that is interested.

Here is Lego Design #1: Eye Slide

Design #1: Eye Slide Idea #2 coming soon. This is a great two minute idea for students to share their work to start class. I look forward to watching the models change and improve. As always, being a teacher I would love to have you share more great ideas that I can use with my students. I hope you enjoy this new project of mine.
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