Monday, August 13, 2012

Pigman Taper Week - Swim Workout

Time to wrap my mind around the fact that soon I will be hitting up another 70.3 Tri course in Palo, Iowa.

I am testing out a different taper approach. This one has me doing a bit more than my last taper, but I think it will work out pretty good.

This morning I swam the following workout. My legs were sore from the long run and concert Saturday along with the bike workout yesterday. This swim did loosen things up quite a bit as I kept swimming.

Warm Up
100 free
100 pull
100 kick

Drill - 6 x 75 (25 right arm, 25 left arm, 25 DPS) with 15 sec rest interval

Pull - 3 x 100 with 15 sec rest

Base Interval - 7 x 200 with 20 sec rest

Kick - 4 x 50 (I actually just did a 200 yard set)

Cool Down - Pull 150 yards

Total Yards: 2800
Total Time: 51 minutes

Time to scramble to get kids and myself ready for school and I need to be there at 7:30. Time to quit listening to Winger and get going.

Have a rocking Monday!
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