Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pigman Taper Week - Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday I hit up the pool for my second swim of the week. The yardage backed off once again as I only swam 2000 yards. I completed the following workout

150 free
150 pull
100 kick
Drill - 6 x 50 DPS with 20 sec rest
VO2 set - 4 x 100 with 20 sec rest
Base Interval - 3 x 200 with 15 sec rest
Kick 4 x 50
Cool Down - 100

This morning we beat the rain. Everyone was on board for a shorter run which was nice as I only wanted to go 4 miles for my tapering. We took a different route and it was great to run with Jen, Ben, Curt, and Emily.

I really need to think about this race. I need to clean my bike, finalize my nutrition plans, and pack. I know that my mom and Amanda are nervous for me going solo based on my Racine experience, but I know I will be fine. I will not feel as bad as I did. I have learned so much since Racine. It is not going to be anywhere near as hot and I will be smart and really ease up if I feel anything close to Racine. Amanda was going to come, but I have asked her to stay behind so the kids don't get so out of whack after their first week back. I don't want them away from us all weekend and not getting home until Sunday evening. They will need their time to just hang out and relax. School wipes them out as well as us parents.

It is 8:00 and bed is calling my name. I need to ride, but I am going to wait and ride tomorrow since I ran today. My tapering plan called for one run this week, but I needed to get out today. I am feeling pretty confident in my run for the race this weekend. I look forward to see my time improve.
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