Friday, August 17, 2012

Pigman Taper Week - Friday Swim and Sauna

This morning I am not even sure it was worth the effort to get wet in the pool. I swam 1000 yards this morning because I know I would not get it in tomorrow traveling to Palo, Iowa for the Pigman Triathlon.

I did

100 free
100 pull
100 kick

6 x 50 DPS with 20 sec rest
6 x 50 VO2 with 10 sec rest

100 kick

It felt weird being done in under 30 minutes. It did give me time to sit in the sauna which I no longer have time for now that school has started.

This taper week has not been good for my eating. My eating habits have fallen apart. Part of this is due to going back to school as I forgot how my food cravings double when I teach.

Tonight I will ride for about 45 minutes wrapping up the training.

I will head out tomorrow afternoon to grab my registration for the race. I was going to get up early Sunday and drive, but Amanda told me no. My nerves have not kicked in yet. It is almost like I am in this fog of not realizing I am racing in two days. It almost feels like it has not connected that Sunday is go time.

This race will be my last big race of the year for triathlons. I have been training since January. It will be time to rest and reform training, goals, and strategies.

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