Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Medium Length Run, Dr. Maffetone Method MAF Test Trial #1

Last night I had the worse sleep ever. I could not fall asleep despite being incredibly tired. My allergies have flared up something fierce since the rain we got the last few days. After sneezing my face off and having the typical terrible headache and itchy eyes I went to bed. As soon as I laid down I had to watch the Olympics for a bit. This track and field is just too good to pass up. I could not fall asleep. I literally was up every 20 minutes. I knew that was just the opposite of what I needed with running in the morning and school starting.

4:15 came around and I debated skipping the run as I had a terrible night of sleep, but I knew I would not be able to fall back asleep so I got up. I then debated just running the 6 miles and driving to the Y, but after walking around with some sore hip and groin areas I knew I better run to the Y taking the first two miles nice and easy to warm my body up. I have been reading a book by Dr. Maffetone and he stresses the importance of warm-up and cool down. That is one of several areas that I am not good with. I took the run to the Y nice and simple to get in a good warm up.

At the Y, met up with Phil, Nick, and Jen. We headed out in the perfect running temps for our regular loop.  I have been curios about Dr. Maffetone and his MAF test as guide to fitness and health. I have read a lot of positive and also some negative about his method. However, I am interested in his methods and ideas so I thought today might be a decent day to test out the MAF test.

I don't know if I did it right, but I know my HR training area is between 149-154. So when we ran our loop I took 5 of the 6 miles. I did not count the first mile as we ran really easy for everyone to warm up. I used miles 4-8 as my 5 mile MAF Test

My MAF Test

Mile 1: 8:34 HR 142
Mile 2: 8:10 HR 147
Mile 3: 8:06 HR 149
Mile 4: 8:01 HR 151
Mile 5: 8:08 HR 152

A couple things I did wrong. First, my first two miles were not in my HR zone so I need to pick up the pace a bit more early on. Second, based on this method my times should actually slow down as I progress and you can see my times dropping the first four miles. This will most likely change when I actually run at the proper heart rate to begin with.

I don't this data is valid. I will have to re-test again and get my valid data so I can chart my aerobic progression over the next few months. I know the Maffetone method is a slow, long process. It is not an overnight transformation like our society demands. This will give me something to work on through the winter.

I ended up running nice and easy as a cool down the last mile and half or so. I feel much better after my run. The key today will be able to stay awake during the first day back. A quick nap over lunch might be in order!
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