Sunday, September 23, 2012

EdCafe Project - 6th Graders Seeking Feedback and Fresh Ideas

I have fallen in love with the cool idea of Edcafe presentations. If you don't know what an Edcafe is, then search #edcafe on Twitter and learn all about this concept where the learning and teaching are placed in the hands of students.

My 6th grade language arts extension students are working on this type of project as we speak. This is new territory for them and myself. I will share all details and lessons soon when I have time to organize all my thoughts, but in the meantime what is more important is my class.

My 6th graders are working on 4 topics to host a discussion with their peers. We have been reading Touching Spirit Bear and from this book and class discussions they have generated four topics to host a discussion about for their final project.

They have been brainstorming and it is still evolving. The ideas started very simple, but as we continue to talk as a class, find articles, conduct some research and explore the students are going deeper with their thoughts and discussion topics.

We have generate a Google Doc where we have been working on our topics and ideas. At this point in time my students would love to gain some insight, feedback, food for thought, articles to read, etc. from other people besides me(they only can handle so much from one person).

If you could please take 5 minutes, check out the Google Doc, read their ideas and send them some feedback through leaving a comment on the document or emailing me( they would love it. I think if they had someone read their information outside of their school it would really make this learning journey more valid.

Here is the Google Doc link -

Also, we are creating our very own Book Drum project that you can check out if you wish -

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help out with my students and their learning.
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