Saturday, September 29, 2012

Getting It Done! - Video Log of Ironman Journey

I had this great idea today.

My idea was to create my own video diary of my new goal to complete an Ironman in June 2013.

This video diary just kept making sense for several reasons

1. I like to make these videos as I have several really stupid ones already on the Internet and it is time to make something useful.

2. People don't always like to read so short 3 minute videos might help them.

3. It will help me stay accountable(the most important).

4. I will have something to go back and follow to see where I am and where I end up.

So, here is my first episode. It is basically an intro. I start pre season training Monday, October 1st. I have plans. I have goals. I have an agenda. I might have been a slob for 6 weeks, but I am have been resting my mind while getting prepared. I know the time is now. I believe I am ready. I also know it will not be easy to break some of these terrible habits I formed.

So, check out the video, give it some props, and don't forget you can always let me know what topics or questions you would like answered. I may not have the right answer, but by now you know I will have something to say.

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